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USB-14 - for Spinblasters

Description: Tungsten carbide medium length straight 5/16" bore nozzle with 3/4" fine threads. Aluminum jacket and threads. Can be used for spinblast applications or close up blasting.
SKU: 726171
UNSPC: 40141731
BRAND: Everblast
Price Each: $65.00
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Weight: 0.2900 lbs
Product Description




    Tungsten carbide, 2"  length, straight 5/16" bore, blast cleaning nozzle.

    Model No. Part No. Length inches Length mm Bore inches Bore mm Entry Washer
    USB-14 726171 2.00 50.80 mm 5/16" 8.00 1/2" NW-34

    Used is spinblast applications as well as for close up blast cleaning of small parts in blast cleaning cabinets or  blasting applications that only need a small blast pot e.g. 1/2 cu ft models.

    USB-14 nozzle is designed to fit 1/2" I.D. Blast hose and fit a nozzle holder with female 3/4" NPSM threads.

    Tungsten carbide liner is protected by an aluminum jacket with 3/4" fine threads.

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