Water Jet Nozzles.

Water Jet Nozzles – Water Injection Nozzle For Sandblasting

Our range of Water Jet blast cleaning nozzles are very useful with dust suppression. These nozzles combine water and abrasive in a specially designed induction chamber centrally located in body of nozzle. Water is introduced into this chamber via a needle-valve, controlled hose.  Valve allows for amount of water entering abrasive stream to be finely controlled.  Water that doesn’t need mixing with rust inhibitors can be piped to the nozzle using city water pressure – no pump should be needed. If water needs to be mixed with rust inhibitors or any other material, this will most likely be done in a holding tank – in this situation a pump will be needed to send mixture to the nozzle. Range of Tungsten Carbide Water Jet Nozzles are available for online purchase.

Water Jet nozzles or Water sandblasting nozzle are useful when cleaning brick work, swimming pools, removing graffiti, grime, stains from buildings. They can also be used in removing smoke damage from wooden structures. With Soft abrasives they can be used for cleaning many different structures.  Water jet sandblasters are a very useful tool for a sandblaster.  These quality nozzles are available from SInterbide and are made in the USA by Everblast.

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