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Water Hose NV. WJ-HA-NV


Water hose NV is the hose assembly for connecting the Water Jet nozzle to a water supply using a standard garden hose type connector.  For fine controlling  water flow into nozzle, hose is fitted with a needle valve.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 2 in

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Water hose nv.

water hose nv is a  hose assembly  for  water jet nozzles. purpose of this hose it to connect to water supply using a  garden hose connector. water supply to nozzle is controlled using a  needle valve. needle valve gives a finer control over water supply to nozzle and abrasive flow.  for less fine control over water supply we offer same hose assembly fitted with a ball valve. WJ-HA-BV.



Model: WJ-HA-NV

Part Number: 32410070

Water Supply connection: Garden Hose type with 3/4″ threads

Valve: Needle

Information on Water Jet Nozzles:
  • Water Jet Nozzles efficiently mix water & abrasives inside nozzle by jetting water into abrasives stream.  Mixing water with abrasives is done in a  specially engineered chamber inside nozzle body.  
  • Water blast cleaning assists in reducing dust though mixing water into the abrasives before they impact surface.
  • Water blasting provides a softer cleaning action for surfaces like brick work, surface restoration. 
  • Nozzles use a water supply hose (approx 12″ long) with a standard garden style hose connection. 
  • Hose assembly has a choice of  water control valves for adjusting  water volume.  Either a ball or needle valve. Select which one at time of ordering. 
  • Mixing water with rust inhibitors needs some sort of holing tank for mixture. This will need a pump to take solution from mixing tank to nozzle.




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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 2 in