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Boron carbide sandblasting nozzles.

Boron Carbide Sandblasting nozzles.

Abrasive blast nozzles are also made from Boron Carbide which is an extremely hard material. Able to provide longer wear properties than either Tungsten carbide or Silicon carbide and Silicon nitride. This light weight, durable, sandblasting nozzle material, performs very well with aggressive abrasives like aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.  The cost for a boron carbide nozzle is higher than either tungsten or silicon carbide however it should wear at least two times longer (depending on abrasive used – for less aggressive abrasives, wear life will be longer).

Boron carbide is a much more brittle material than tungsten carbide so they should not be banged or impacted on the job site. Boron carbide is a popular material for blast cabinet cleaning where longer work life is needed. We offer a wide range of boron carbide gun inserts and short boron carbide nozzles with ¾” threads.

Wherever you need a light weight longer life nozzle for blast cleaning please look at our range of nozzles from cabinet sandblaster nozzles all the way up to our boron carbide XLBC high performance blast cleaning nozzles. Quality nozzles at competitive pricing all available from our warehouse in Illinois.

Boron Carbide is one of the hardest material available. Harder than Alumina or Silicon Carbide. To put this in perspective it is only behind Diamonds and Cubic boron nitride in hardness. 

Key Properties

  • Low Density
  • High Hardness
  • High abrasive wear resistance – Excellent for blast cleaning nozzles.
  • Good Chemical resistance.
  • Light Weight 

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