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Carbide Inserts for sandblasting.

Looking for carbide inserts for your sandblasting gun?  Many sandblast cabinets come fitted with a blast cleaning gun that either uses a carbide or ceramic tip. After you have worn out the tip you have to find a replacement. Many times, blast cleaning cabinets are old and have been used for years.  Manuals are missing, part numbers have been lost but you still need to find a replacement carbide insert or tip.  Sinterbide may be able to help you. We have a wide range of tungsten carbide inserts that fit a variety of cabinet guns. What you need to let us know is shape of insert:  is it cylindrical or cone shaped? If it is cylindrically shaped then we need O.D., length and your needed bore size. We can then send you information on our tungsten carbide or born insert that may work for you.  Cone shaped inserts are a little more difficult as they usually have a locking ring that locks down over the slope of the insert. Please send us dimensions and we will try and help. There is one more type of sandblasting nozzle used in blast cleaning cabinets these are the type that have a threaded jacket. We have a range of these that have 3/4″ NPSM (straight) threads. Important there are NPT threads used on a small number of fittings, these are tapered threads. Tapered threads will only work with a tapered nozzle holder and straight threads will only work with a straight threaded nozzle holder. There are male/female adapters available that can enable you to use different thread styles.

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