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Tungsten Carbide Sand blast Nozzles.

Tungsten Carbide Sandblast Nozzles


We offer Everblast’s high quality Tungsten Carbide sandblasting nozzles. These blast cleaning nozzles are available in a wide range of styles that include all the popular industry standards for threads, bore sizes and jackets.

Everblast’s nozzles are widely used throughout industry and offer excellent performance and quality at a good price.  If you need to dry or wet blast with a tungsten carbide nozzle then we recommend looking at our abrasive blast cleaning nozzles.  Sandblasters everywhere use Everblast’s quality carbide sandblasting nozzles.  Our nozzles are assembled / made in USA where there is strict control on quality and finish.  Tungsten carbide is the work horse liner material for the blast cleaning industry. If you need a tough nozzle with armored or thermoplastic jackets for harsh site conditions, then look at our range of quality tungsten carbide blast cleaning nozzles. 

We offer a wide variety of carbide nozzles from sandblaster gun inserts all the way up to the high-performance Boron carbide XLBC range of nozzles. 

Everblast offers Ezy Grip styling on both their thermoplastic as well as armored jackets.



  • Durability
  • Wear resistance.
  • Premium quality
  • Choice of nozzle threads
  • Choice of bore sizes

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