Straight Bore #6, Grit Blasting nozzle UDLB-6BA-ST


Straight Bore #6 grit blast cleaning nozzle.  The UDLB-6BA-ST  blast nozzle has a 1″ entry,  3/8″ straight bore tungsten carbide liner.

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 in



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Straight Bore # 6 Nozzle

Straight Bore #6, Grit Blasting nozzle with tungsten carbide liner.  This nozzle has 3/8″ straight bore liner, 1″ entry, Ergonomic thermoplastic jacket and brass 1-1/4″ NPSM threads.  Straight bore #6 nozzles blast clean at a lower velocity with a tighter blast pattern than an equivalent # 6 venturi nozzle (UDLB-6BA)  For blast cleaning with aluminum oxide we recommend using a Boron carbide nozzle e.g. EVBC-6.


Model: UDLB-6BA-ST

Type: Straight Bore

Bore: 3/8″

Entry: 1″

Length: 6.75″

Threads: 1-1/4″ NPSM

Washer: NW-1514

Good Nozzle Practice:

Tips For nozzle Selection:

Choosing best blast cleaning nozzle for sandblasting productively shouldn’t be difficult, when you know your compressors CFM rating and match it with nozzle bore size!

So, you are looking to optimize performance of your blast cleaning system? What should you be looking at first? The simple answer is look at your compressor’s air output and how to use available air to select the best size of the sandblasting nozzle to maximize blast cleaning productivity. Most efficient blast cleaning systems will need sufficient compressed air to supply continually at least 95 to 100 PSI at the blast cleaning nozzle. There are situations where less forceful blast cleaning may be needed using softer abrasives, under these circumstances, a lower nozzle psi might be acceptable.

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Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 in