UT-8 Short nozzle


UT-8 Short nozzle with  1/2″ straight bore, Tungsten carbide liner. Aluminum armored jacket and 3/4″ NPSM threads.

Weight 0.39 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in
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UT-8  Short Nozzle  is one size in range of quality short, straight bore, carbide nozzles for close up sandblasting.

UT-8 Short nozzle is used for blast cleaning small parts.   This short nozzle has a straight bore that shoots a narrow targeted stream of abrasives to spot clean small parts in sandblasting cabinets or workshop applications.  These tough tungsten carbide lined nozzles are impact resistant and have good wear properties.  These quality nozzles come with aluminum armored jackets and threads that fit industry standard holders with 3/4″ female threads.

Sandblasting nozzles fitted with Tungsten carbide  liners are not recommended for blast cleaning with aggressive abrasives like Aluminum oxide.  When blast cleaning with an abrasive like aluminum oxide take a  look at our UTBC-4 nozzle. This short straight bore nozzle has a wear resistant boron carbide liner for superior wear properties.   For more information on abrasives take a look at abrasive comparison chart.

Specs for UT-8 nozzle.

Model: UT-8

Part Number: 724145

Length: 1.75″

Bore: 1/2″

Washer: NW-34

Inlet: 1/2″

To convert 3/4″ NPSM threads for use with a 1-1/4″ NPSM threaded holder use our  TA-34114

There are four main ways in which a blast system shows, over time, it is losing efficiency.
  • (1) Using more abrasive to achieve same result as system had been getting at an earlier stage.
  • (2) Increasing demand on compressor – using more CFM or air.
  • (3) Not removing coating or blast cleaning as fast as it was originally.
  • (4) Losing nozzle pressure.

What could be causing any or all above problems? The Answer 9 times out of 10, is a blast nozzle with a worn out bore.


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Weight 0.39 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in
Cross Reference

Nozzle Liner Material